Need a sign?

Need a sign?

A sign for the window or for the yard?

You bet you do. Signage is very important if it was not you would not see real estate signs everywhere.

If you are selling as a professional or not it’s all the same. A yard sign clearly marks out that there is a place, property or house for sale in the location that I happen to be driving.

If I want to buy a waterfront house on a certain street in the city that I am living in the easiest thing for me to do would to be to drive that street. In driving that street I will inevitably come across that yard sign.

A yard sign is a place marker and it can be so much more. A yard sign can clearly state that a property is for sale but there is also plenty of room to place a contact name, a phone number and other information.

The other information is what you can use to stand out from your competition especially when you are selling as for sale by owner.

That other information should contain a website address that links directly to your listing on a website where persons who are looking can find a complete listing that includes a good description of the details of the property, pictures and even a video. For those who are really in the game and up to date with technology a “Quick reference code” (qrcode ) is also beneficial for everyone who is coming by with a smartphone. All they have to do is scan the code and your listing will just appear. No need to type in a website address or memorize a phone number.

A yard sign is one of the most important items you can use to market your property. If your are going to order a yard sign you should also get some open house signs and even print up some flyers.

At Istockhomes we have some signs that have already been designed for you. You just need to drag the design onto your computer then get them printed online at a printing place or share the design with a local sign shop in your neighbourhood. The designs are already done for you at

When using Istockhomes to market your property first place your listing on istockhomes then have the sign shop use the address provided to link directly to your listing, the sign shop should also be able to add a qrcode that links directly to your listing.

Then all you have to do is place the signs strategically around your neighbourhood and wait for your phone to ring. Your completed listing will be on Istockhomes and the signage will help draw people into viewing it. This along with the traffic that we will help bring you through the istockhomes marketing platform.
Also when listing your property through please take time to check out some of our other 100+ location specific websites that you can also list your property on. Our other websites are designed to help bring your listing to the top of online searches by having geo specific search engine optimization already done for you.

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